A heartless act


 The killing of two bank guards at Kellar in Shopian district on Monday is in no way a brave act that deserved reward or appreciation for the attackers. It is a cold-blooded murder and heartless act that needs to be condemned and rejected by everyone. Though it is not clear as who killed the two hapless young boys, militant groups operating in Kashmir should come clear on the dastardly act. In the past such killings were carried out by militants. In May this year, five JK police men and two ATM guards were gunned down by militants in Kulgam district. In the latest case, unknown gunmen attacked a cash van of Jammu and Kashmir Bank when it was on way from Shadi Marg to Kellar. Both the bank guards were critically injured and succumbed to their injuries in the hospital. The deceased were identified as Tariq Ahmad and Mushtaq Ahmad. Tariq is a resident of Tumla Hal and Mushtaq is from Anantnag. They were working for a private security firm and were in their prime youth. Police said that there was no cash in the vehicle at the time of the attack. The attackers were described as “unknown” gunmen but the unknown, in Kashmir, is always known as ‘militants’. And militants too have never cleared the mist around the “unknown”. The home profile of the slain guards suggests that they belonged to poor families and were the only sustainers of their families. These families are now totally devastated. The incident has caused anger and rage among people beyond the borders of these families. We are not sure about These ATM guards worked for over 10 hours against a meagre amount of Rs.5000 per month. This is enough for one to understand the family condition of the slain guards. It is expected of the militant leadership that instead of feeling incensed, they will look into the matter without getting emotional—with a cool mind and composed heart. These are the actions that militant groups used to indulge in 90s that ultimately gave rise to Ikhwan and other counter-insurgent groups. It were these counter-insurgent groups that damaged the militant movement the most. It was expected that the militant leadership might have learnt lessons from the past. The present militant leadership has the advantage of having firsthand experience of 90s. They know it more than anyone else as how damaging it is to go against the common people. The militants have a great role model in Burhan Wani before them. No militant leader in Kashmir has gained as much popularity and love as Burhan. His death, though took place more than 18 months back, is still mourned by the people, more particularly by the younger generation. The entire Kashmir got on boil for around six months over the death of Burhan. More than 100 persons were killed and thousands other wounded and jailed in protests that erupted in the wake of Burhan’s killing. It was indeed death of a hero and heartthrob. Burhan was just 21 year old boy but the people of 70 and 80 years of age felt orphaned in his death. That is the amount of popularity Burhan enjoyed. The main reason of his popularity was his relation with common people. He was not just a HizbulMujahideen commander but indeed a peoples’ commander, who lived among people and for the people. That is why everybody in Kashmir felt for his death. Burhan, in fact, infused a new life in what is generally called ‘freedom’ movement. It is imperative for the successive militant leadership to follow the foot prints of Burhan Wani if they really want the same amount of love and popularity from the people of Kashmir.