Innocence of Science underthe Shadow of Oligarchy


During late-19th century the oligarchs have collected unimaginable amount of wealth by gaining control over one of the world’s most important commodity. Rockefellers at Standard Oil, the Dutch royals and Rothschild’s at “Royal Dutch Shell” and British royals at BP were the pioneers in oil industry. The sketch of every aspect of the modern life was drawn by William Avery Rockefeller, who was the father of John D. Rockefeller the founder of standard oil and the first billionaire of the world. The enormous wealth of Rockefellers helped them to influence everything from green revolution to gene revolution, from world wars to gulf war, from modern pharmaceuticals to education system to the international monetary system and the myth of Global warming and environmental moment. They were always lusting for a world order in which their plan is complete, their control is consolidated and their power is unquestionable. One in which every sphere of our life from money to energy and to the very genome itself is precisely ordered and technologically controlled. For realizing this dream of oligarchy they funded every aspect of science and technology that now, in turn, has paid them. All major research in the field of genetic engineering, agriculture, medical science, education, environmental and computer science has been funded by oligarchs with the primary intention to yield an absolute control over every aspect of our life. The scientists who worked in the Rockefeller funded laboratories still considered themselves as rational beings, but they were so innocent to recognize the treachery and deceit of oligarchy.
The insane intentions of oligarchy to control humanity started in 1901 when John D. Rockefeller founded the “Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research”. Disguising general public in the name of philanthropy and by corrupting high profile individuals like “Abraham Flexner” helped Rockefellers to transform the healthcare from homeopathy to allopathy. Abraham Flexner published Flexner Report in 1910 which directed American medical schools to adhere strictly to the modern pharmaceutical drugs. The money donated by Rockefeller to the medical schools and Flexner Report of 1910 helped Rockefeller to take over the management of medical schools. Ultimately homeopathic physicians were declared as quacks. Finally, Rockefellers introduced petrochemical based pharmaceutical drugs into the market, which since then are constantly serving their masters at the cost of humanity.
After controlling the pharmaceutical industry the Rockefellers decided to establish a total control over entire population of the globe. In this regard, they established the “population council” in 1952. A superficial glimpse at the objective of this organization seemed to address the problem of growing human population but actually, it was established to promote the medical and scientific research for justifying the cause of “eugenics”. Eugenics involves eradication of inefficient individuals based on inferior social, ethnic and racial class of the society. Oligarchs have developed their own scale to decide the inefficient strata of the society. In their opinion, only rich and intelligent people have a right to live and breed because they have a superior genome and the poor and less intelligent people need to be prohibited from breeding and producing their offspring’s. John D. Rockefeller 3 personally donated $1.53 million to establish the population council in 1953. The oligarchs proposed the idea of population control by controlling reproductive activities, access to mates and forced sterilization of inefficient strata of the society. John D. Rockefeller 3 hired distinguished scientists for implementing the eugenics agenda. Various sister organizations to population council have also been funded by Rockefellers to promote eugenics.
Alexander Graham Bell the inventor of the telephone along with Charles Davenport a Biologist openly campaigned for the eradication of deaf race. They lobbied for banning the marriage of deaf people. Through a series of donations, Rockefeller’s also transformed the German scientific establishments by funding the institutes of Anthropology, Institute of Psychiatry, human heredity, and eugenics. After World War 2 eugenics moment of Rockefellers became synonymous with Nazis, so Richer Grove suggested Rockefeller’s to propagate their mission of eugenics under the deceptive banner of molecular biology, the myth of global warming and environmental moment.
Maurice Strong is a perfect candidate for “Godfather” of contemporary environmental moment due to the sheer number of environmental organizations he had founded, campaigns he directed and conferences he chaired like united nations environmental program, organizer of the Stockholm environmental conference, secretary general of the earth summit, founding director of the united nations environmental program, founder of earth council and earth charter moment, commissioner of the world commission on environment and development etc. But a more remarkable feature of Maurice Strong’s personality is that he is a Rockefeller funded millionaire from the Alberta oil patch, who has dedicated his time to running major oil companies and for environmental campaigning.
At the birth of the united nation, its headquarters were donated by Rockefeller family thereby smoothing the road for organizing the “United Nations conference on the human environment in Stockholm” in 1972, which was the first international environmental conference. From 6 June to 14 June in 1992, government representatives from 166 countries and 15000 non-governmental organizations met in Rio de Janeiro for participation in earth summit, whose secretary general was Maurice Strong. In earth summit under the directions of Maurice Strong “the united nations framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC)” was born to which the IPCC (Intergovernmental panel on climate change) has to submit reports. The IPCC was already handcuffed to a predetermined goal for intentionally blaming the rising human population for environmental degradation. According to Dr. Tim Ball, Maurice Strong has framed the definition for climate change in which he has deliberately portrayed the human factor for environmental degradation. Another main product of the earth summit was the earth charter that was drafted by Mikhail Gorbachev and Mauris Strong which directs the member states of United Nations to strongly abide to the charter of the earth summit.
Oligarchs achieved everything in the earth summit that was concerned with the philosophy of eugenics, as now all the member states of United Nations were obliged to reduce the carbon footprints through a reduction in human population. Recently fox news reported that children are the primary culprits for global warming so we have to reduce the global fertility by half a child per woman. The determination of oligarchs to reduce and control human population has now entered the final stage with the rise of “Technocracy” where every aspect of our life will be technologically controlled.
Most of us perceive the post-carbon era as an end to the oligarchy. But we are unaware of the fact that oil order was never about money, it was about a total control over every aspect of human life. This dream of oligarchy is about to become reality with the advent of technocracy. Technocracy represents a new international order in which a selected few known as “technocrats” will offer a solution to the political, economic and social problems of the world by using the cutting edge technology. In the technocracy, the money as we know it will be replaced by energy certificates as energy is the fundamental measure of value for all consumption and production activities. A fixed quota for carbon dioxide emission will be allocated to every individual ranging from his breath to the airplane ride to driving a car. Carbon rationing, carbon trading, cap and trade and carbon taxes are all meant to serve the same purpose.
The technocrats are the same selected few who were the rulers of carbon era. The only thing that has changed is their strategy to yield a control over masses. The sketch for smart cities like “Neom” in Saudi Arabia, the smart homes, the smart cars and smart medicines are the new tools of control to be used by oligarchs. In this coming era of technocracy, data will serve as new oil and therefore the purpose of oligarchy. The strangest thing about the evolution of oligarchy is the exploitation of almost every discipline of science and technology. Every breakthrough in science has been exploited by oligarchs to enslave humanity and the scientists, researchers and engineers who are still working in the laboratories are chasing their own tails as far as the mass prosperity is concerned.
(The author is a research scholar and can be reached at: [email protected])